2 OCT 2016 // 0050 HRS

the universe has

a lot of mysterious paths

i think mine

was destined to cross with you

it was much simpler

not like what you see in the movies

no star-studded gazes

no earth-shattering momentums

nothing like that

it's not instant

it's slow

but then my universe just

fell into place

around you

i learnt things

how you smile in the morning

how you make pancakes

how your nose scrunches up 

how you blush from your ears

it's not a huge fuss

nothing so dramatic

so overplayed

it doesn't need a tragedy

for it to work out

it's simple

and your warmth underneath my palm

is my universe

the four letters

l. o. v. e. 

26 SEPT 2016 // 2158 HRS


what do you like?

have you wondered?

i wonder sometimes, really

what do i really like?


do i like what i'm doing

or is it just something i chose

to pass by days in lectures

do homework for the next tutorial

just for a grade on paper

and a scroll 

for four years

do i like it, i wonder


do i like something else

if i do

why didn't i try to chase it?

too little money

too little time

not realistic, maybe


but then i've stayed there

not reaching for it

at all


you see

i think all these thoughts

but i'm scared

to go out there and do

do what i want

there's expectations

there's life


so if you're afraid

(like i am)

there's nothing wrong with being afraid

not everyone 

is brave

(i'm not brave

not at all)


it's your life

you can be afraid


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